How often have you been waiting for months making of your new expensive paper menu?

How often you need to reprint pages to change prices or remove seasonal products?

This expensive exercise prevents you from focusing on your business and your customers. Imagine that you have the opportunity not only to change the menu whenever you like, but also to test how new offers, different promotions and other new and important concepts for your business will be adopted.


Choose Gesto Digial Menu

Replace paper menus with Gesto and take advantage of a number of benefits that will help you not only to save money, but also increase sales and engagement of your customers and make it easier fot the staff. The digital menu will make your restaurant or bar more efficient and modern.

Your menu will be personalized with the restaurant logo and a suitable background to add your personal touch. Gesto enhances the image of the restaurant, as never before, with live and attractive pictures of every item! Detailed descriptions and amazing pictures helps your customers make their better choices. With Gesto, customers can be informed about nutrition, cooking times, allergens, and more

You can easily make "on the move" changes by not wasting time and money on reprinting paper menus every time you change an item or price. You can also introduce new or promo products to customers more obvious. Now you can be a step forward and offer your customers discounts and promotions for special events.

The Gesto app follows customer actions while viewing your menu. Detailed statistics give you an analysis of the most viewed sections, foods and drinks, regular customers, weekly visits, and more! Track what your customers are looking at in the menu and take action to increase sales.

Now your customers can use your digital menu to view acomplete assortment which you offer, get information about the place, telephone, address, and location. The ease of use of the Gesto makes it feel very user-friendly. The digital menu does not remove the waiters, it only helps them to serve customers faster and better.



Reduce costs

Save money and time of making paper menus


Business development

Opportunity to experiment quick and easy with new offers,promotions and others


Increased interest

Increase customer interest to new items - especially to those with photos and the possibility of a more detailed description


Мake it easier

Make it easier for the staff while customers browse the menu on their smartphones



Improve the image of the restaurant


Satisfied customers

More satisfied customers - a more successful business


Menu content

Create, modify, and organize menu content through a special internet platform in seconds

Lunch / daily menu

Easy activate selected offers of the day

Seasonal offers and promotions

It has never been easier to publish and promote new offers in your menu


Add photos from mobile devices to any menu offer

“My Choice”

You can see the selected items and their total amount with just one click

Multi Language Menu

Real-time translation in over 20 languages


Publish advertising and logos in every menu section


You can track and analyze the most viewed sections, foods and drinks, regular customers, weekly visits and others.

Impress your Clients Now!

Be a step ahead of your competitors!